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Translation and localisation

OurĀ training and experience enables us to create translations that are mindful of terminology in order to most effectively convey the content of the source text according to the target audience and context. We regularly deal with the translation and adaptation of texts in Italian for the publishing, technical-scientific, and multimedia industries.

servizi di revisione

Editing and proofreading

The translation process always ends with a final intralinguistic and interlinguistic review, which is required to ensure the highest quality of the text from both a terminological and stylistic point of view. Our high linguistic sensitivity, as well as our translation expertise, enables us to identify possible improvements for each text, provide an end product that fully delivers on the aims and is suited to the target audience for which it was designed.

servizi di interpretazione di trattativa

Liaison interpreting

As mediators of language and culture, we can enable and facilitate dialogue and exchanges between people who speak different languages, in situations such as business meetings, exhibitions, events, and we also provide language consultancy services to companies looking towards the internationalisation of their activities (e.g. translation of correspondence, international phone calls, company training, etc.).

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