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ASCforTranslation is made up of Alba, Serena and Chiara: attention to detail, thoroughness and competence are what we have in common. Our lighthouse logo represents our willingness and desire to be a helpful point of reference for our clients navigating projects in different languages. We are three autonomous professional translators, graduates of Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori (SSLMIT) in Forlì (School of Interpreting and Translation, University of Bologna), who have decided to combine our skills and expertise to provide a service that always meets the customer’s expectations. Collaborating allows us to offer attractive turnaround times and to assign projects to the professional who is most experienced in that field or best suited to the project.

We translate from English, German, and French into Italian for Italy and Switzerland. We have worked with many Swiss customers for several years, and this has allowed us to develop specific expertise both in terms of mastering the language variant, as well as the style.

We use the most advanced technological translation tools in order to ensure results of the highest quality, both in terms of terminology and style, as well as optimising turnaround and project costs.


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Translation and localisation

Our training and experience enables us to create translations that are mindful of terminology in order to most effectively convey the content of the source text according to the target audience and context. We regularly deal with the translation and adaptation of texts in Italian for the publishing, technical-scientific, and multimedia industries.

servizi di revisione

Editing and proofreading

The translation process always ends with a final intralinguistic and interlinguistic review, which is required to ensure the highest quality of the text from both a terminological and stylistic point of view. Our high linguistic sensitivity, as well as our translation expertise, enables us to identify possible improvements for each text, provide an end product that fully delivers on the aims and is suited to the target audience for which it was designed.

servizi di interpretazione di trattativa

Liaison interpreting

As mediators of language and culture, we can enable and facilitate dialogue and exchanges between people who speak different languages, in situations such as business meetings, exhibitions, events, and we also provide language consultancy services to companies looking towards the internationalisation of their activities (e.g. translation of correspondence, international phone calls, company training, etc.).

About Us


Freelance translator from German and French into Italian, who is always curious and fascinated by everything regarding technical terminology in various areas. As I love foreign languages, working with them as part of my profession was a natural choice.


Freelance translator working from English and German into Italian. As a child I was fascinated by the accuracy of the numbers, but as I grew up, I was captured by languages and IT. Now I use those skills in the translation and localisation industry, which allows me to continue being a perfectionist.


Freelance translator working from English, German, and French into Italian. My curiosity and passion for languages, primarily my native language, have guided all of my choices and now are valuable tools in my day-to-day work.


We work primarily in these areas, but we are always happy to discuss other types of work. Get in touch if you have any special requests!

specializzazioni traduzione automotive

and Transportation


Translation of marketing/advertising material and publications, such as press releases, blog posts, website content, new model reviews, and technical texts, such as manuals, specifications and training material for staff members, for international car manufacturers and European railway companies (freight and people).

specializzazioni traduzione moda

Fashion, beauty
and luxury


Translation of advertising, editorial and technical texts about luxury goods, such as watches, jewellery and perfume, to be published on-line, in professional magazines and in specialized retailer catalogues. Translation of brochures about cosmetic and hair treatments published for beauty specialists, hair stylists and end clients.

specializzazioni traduzione food

& Beverage


Translations for food and wine magazines and blogs as well as e-commerce platforms. Translation of corporate material (i.e. annual reports) for large food retail chains.

specializzazioni traduzione turismo



Translation of publications for the tourism industry aimed at promoting destinations and countries published on transportation company websites and on-line travel agency platforms. Translation of articles for hospitality company’s corporate magazine.

specializzazioni traduzione design

Design and
Interior Design


Translation of catalogues, press releases, advertising material for interior design, sanitary ware, furniture, laundry and kitchen appliances. Translation of marketing and technical publications for European company producing wood oils for interior and exterior surfaces.

specializzazione traduzione assicurazioni



Translation of contracts, policies, marketing/advertising material and publications for insurance companies.


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